Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow!!! I has been a long couple of days. Yesterday Heath and I were supposed to leave Naples at 1315. Well, there was something wrong with our plane so our flight kept getting delayed. Finally at 1830 they told us that they were going to fly in a different plane so we could leave. Well at that point it was too late to go anywhere in Naples so we ended up staying in the airport for a good 10 hours. It was very long and we were very bored. I did however learn a lot of Italian culture from watching people all day I guess that was good. We finally arrived in Venice at about 2315. We then took a bus at midnight to the train station. Well, we had allready missed the last train into Venice so we then had to take a taxi. Whew....I know. Well, there are no motor vehicles in Venice...just water taxis. Water taxis stop running after about 2230, so we were SOL. We walked about a mile through the streets of Venice with our luggage til we found our hostel. It sounds a bit insane, I realize but I thought it was fabulous. Poor Heath...I was shooting pictures like crazy and he was desperately searching the map to figure out how to get where we were going. Venice is extremely confusing...most streets are not marked. But we finally arrived at our destination at about 3 am.

We got some sleep though thank goodness and we had a fabulous day here. It was gorgeous weather and Venice is completely amazing. I all ready took a million pictures. It is very confusing but very charming...I LOVE it! We all ready leave tomorrow for Paris so we will see how that goes! I will be happy to settle into a city for a bit...I am all ready tired!

Love you all...hope all is well!


  1. Steph, everything sounds amazing so far. We are very thankful for your safety. Im glad to hear that u let heath take control of the map, otherwise that woulda been a disaster. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Please tell heath "hi" for me and let him know that I appreciate him taking care of my big sis. I also just thought i would let u know that the whole family is pretty much reading ur blogs and enjoying them; thus, post as often as u can (i prolly check ur blog 5 times throughout the day). Mom wanted me to tell you that she is reading your blogs and she loves you as well. Love you lots!

    ps...take it ez on the limoncello!


  2. So glad to hear it! I wasnt sure if anyone was reqding it or not! Love you all!