Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in Naples

I know! Can you believe it? Yep we just arrived back in Naples about an hour or so ago. And this time we got all our luggage:) Sorry I didn't write sooner but I had a hell of a time logging into my blog at the last hostel. I will fill you in (if I can remember:)... The last time I wrote was Monday night I believe, and we were going to try go to a Flamenco show. It was fate...when we were standing outside looking at the place earlier in the day a woman came up and gave us a flier for the show. We thought we'd give it a whirl. We came back that night and ended up standing in line with a couple from Tel Aviv, Israel. They were in their 50's and spoke English very well. They were extremely interesting people. They talked about growing up in Israel and living with the constant fear of terrorism. They said when they were on their first big trip (to Prague), was the first time they realized they could just sit...and relax, and didn't have to think about a bomb going off at any moment. But they love Israel...they said it was a serious, but very enigmatic and special place. We sat by them at the show also...front and center in this teeny tiny venue. It held maybe 30 people. It was fabulous! The show started with a Spanish guitar player...I absolutely LOVE Spanish guitar... Then the rest of the band came out and played. The singer was amazing... They clap as they sing to keep the rhythm. He sang with such emotion, you felt like he was in pain (sad, not physical pain...well, I suppose they could be one in the same). Then the female flamenco dancer came out. She was SOO intense! She started dancing and I almost started was weird. I think it was just surprising! She danced with so much fire...CON FUEGO! We were sitting so close we could see every expression on her face and see every drop of sweat. She looked like she was furious and determined all at the same time. I loved it....absolutely loved it.

The next day we went to another Gaudi house...which was closed for renovation. It seemed like they were renovating at least some part of every building in Barcelona...haha. We then went to this HUGE park on the mountainside. We were going to take the funicular (cable car) to the top so I was happy about that, but we ended up walking a good mile up a street and took a couple hundred steps to get to the cable car to take you up the mountain. It was good for me I suppose:) On top of the mountain was a castle. There wasn't much left of the castle but the views were amazing. They still had old canons out on top pointing in every direction towards the ocean from the castle...very cool. The rest of the day we spent just walking around, looking at the shops, and eating tapas. Since we liked the other flamenco show much we decided to go to another one that night. This one was more of a touristy show. It was in a theater that housed a few hundred people. There were opera singers, regular singers, a band, and both a male and female flamenco dancer. It was a lot longer (and more expensive of course) but still good. The male dancer was great, but the female dancer just wasn't as convincing as the one the night before. And thats how we ended our last night in Barcelona. We went back early because I was sneezing like crazy! For some reason my allergies flared up BIG time the last day there. I don't know what it was...weird. And because we had to get up at 5 to head to the airport.

Well, we made it back to Naples safely. We are doing some laundry now (yay!) and getting organized for tomorrow. Well, Heath and I talked about it, and (don't freak out mom) I'm going to head to Rome by myself tomorrow. He was going to be a good sport and come with, but he's all ready seen everything a few times and I felt bad having him waste all that money just so I could have some company. So he's going to stay and work and I'm heading to Rome tomorrow! Don't worry...Heath has given me explicit instructions...I know exactly what to do, where I'm staying, and how to get around. I'll be fine. If all the American 18 year olds can do it so can I:) So I'm heading out by train tomorrow...wish me luck! I'll try be in touch but again am not sure if the hostel has internet. I will have a phone though in case I need to use it. Love you all!

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