Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today has been another very long day. There is so much to do that we wake up every morning by about 8 am. For those of you who know me well, that does not make me happy:) It is 1915 and I'm exhausted. We started out this morning by going to the Louvre. Even the walk there was amazing. There is so much to look at it's ridiculous. The Louvre is huge, so we just hit the main points. I discovered that I like pretty paintings but they all start to look the same after awhile (all the older, religious ones anyway). I do, however, really like sculptures...who knew? We saw the Mona Lisa (too many people you can't even get close), Venus of Milo, and Winged Victory (the ones you may have heard of). One of my favorite exhibits was Napoleans old living quarters (in the Louvre). So opulent it's unbelievable! Wait til you see the pictures!

We then made our way over to Notre Dame. Now THAT is gorgeous! It was huge and unbelievably...well opulent....and holy:) I'm not catholic but sometimes I kind of wish I was....those places make you FEEL religious. I loved it. We walked through the treasury which supposedly holds the crown of thorns....THE crown of thorns! That Jesus wore on his head! You couldn't really see it because it's enshrined in glass and jewels...still cool though. Heath suggested we go to the top of Notre Dame...yes...outside...for an amazing view of Paris. It was worth it...I guess. We climbed a winding staircase of about 400 stairs to get there though. On the way up as I was looking out the teeny sliver of windows, getting out of breath and light-headed, I remembered that I'm rather afraid of heights. No going back though...I paid my 8 euros and I was going up. Holy shit....we were about a hundred stories up on a teeny balcony and I nearly had a panic attack. But you have to walk the whole walkway to get down so I had to man up. At times the walkway was so narrow you could only fit one person through...the wall on one side, and 100 stories down on the other. There was a fence...I wasn't going to fall, but I did feel a bit dizzy and nauseous! Oh well...I made it. Pretty proud of myself actually for talking myself out of a panic attack and all:)

Well, we are back at the hostel...the sun is FINALLY out (yay! it was chilly today) and we are trying to decide what to do tonight. I need a good shower and an attitude check. Right now I'm sleepy and my legs and feet hurt. It's 1929 and I could probably just hit the hay. But I'm in Paris dammit and I'm going to man up!

I love you all! I miss you!


  1. In a trip of a lifetime there should be NO it, drink it and live it up; day to day life is just around the corner!

    Had to laugh your dad thought you were literally hiking on this!

  2. I knew it'd be a whirlwind....I hope you are able to just stay put for a minute to really be mindful of your whole situation you lucky lady! I am glad you are fairing well and look forward to reading more! Love you!