Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I am now in Rome. Im either getting a cold or my allergies are in full force, Im not sure, but Ive felt better in my life. I wasnt going to come but I laid awake last night just thinking about what a waste it would be not to go to Rome because its so close. So I had to give it a shot. I got up early, packed, and Heath brought me to the train station. He literally walked me to the train I was suppose to be on after helping figure out how to buy my ticket. Its very helpful to have someone who has done all this before. He told me he would come with if I wanted him to but I feel like at the age of 29 I should be able to spend a day and a half in a foreign city by myself. Ive done fine so far. The train was interesting. The old lady next to me was very nice but she kept trying to talk to me in Italian. I told her 3 times that I dont speak Italian (I looked it up in my language book, I know I said it right too:). She finally gave up and gave me a piece of was funny. Grandmas are the same in every country:) Then there was a lady at the end of the car I was in that started yelling. At first I thought it was just a normal Italian conversation...loud...but it kept getting louder and more intense. The woman then came stomping down the aisle to another train car. I was super confused but then the women sitting next to me all started laughing. I knew then that she was just fighting with her husband or boyfriend etc. I kept trying to pick out words and look it up so I could follow along but she was speaking so quickly. 5 minutes later she came walking back. The landscape was beautiful though! Big green mountains and small Italian villas...loved it.

After the train ride I found my hostel (super close thank goodness) and then went to the Roman Forum and the Colloseum. They were both very interesting. The Roman Forum is basically a bunch of ruins. I couldnt tell you much more because my audioguide battery ran out early in the tour and I didnt feel like going back to get a new one. Its a large area and it was super hot today (I got fried). I took a guided tour of the colloseum which was nice because they dont really have any information about it there. It was extremely interesting that people used to find that type of thing entertaining. They say that around 1 million people and 3 million animals died in the colloseum (for people to watch). Gruesome but interesting.

I am going to head to Trevi fountain later after a good shower. It should be cool. I am staying in a hostel again. Its very cheap and very convenient (super close to the subway) but Im getting too old for this. I like my own space. It will be nice to have my own space again. I love you guys. Have a good day...

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