Sunday, May 10, 2009

Couldnt get the fricken thing to work...

We are in Barcelona! Yesterday was another very long travel day. We thought we had the transportation system down pat, but man it was a struggle to get to the airport yesterday. We did fine but once we got to the airport we couldnt get in! We needed a metro ticket to ENTER the airport! We didnt know and there were no ticket stations around, so I ended up dodging the electronic gate and getting my thumb all bruised up. Heath lifted my luggage over but then he was stuck on the other side! I tried to buy him a ticket from the INSIDE but I couldnt figure the thing out because it was in French (turns out I was just at the wrong maching) but Heath ended up finding a different entrance because the stupid gate was open. took us probably half an hour just to enter the airport:) We got in and then I about threw a fit because we had to pay to use the bathroom. Alot of public places in Europe (even in restaurants) you have to pay, but seriously? We bought a fricken plane ticket...toilet paper isnt included in that price?

Anyway...we made it to Barcelona and its absolutely fantastic! It has winding little streets like Venice (same charm) but was HOPPIN! So many people, restaurants, cafes, bars, markets its insane. Something fabulous around every corner! These are my people and this could be my home. I am going to make it big somehow, learn Catalan Spanish, and buy a home here. LOVES it! Its alot more relaxed than Paris...and Im happy about that. The soccer game was all sold out (it seats 98,000 people!) so Heath and I are just going to get ready and watch it in a bar. Should be fun...Europeans are crazy about soccer.

Love you all and will write soon!


  1. nice work breakin into the airport, they undoubtably have you on video and will freeze your passport immediately. enjoy prison.jk. sounds awesome, im very jealous. love u

  2. I agree with Andrew you should be careful over there or we will all be tuning into AE's "Locked up Abroad". The more you write the more jealous I am too. Take care, Rachel

    And your dad is reading these he just can't figure out how to get his comments posted...LOL, I will help the old guy out :~)