Thursday, May 14, 2009

Im ok!

Hey all. Thought I would let you know that Im fine. I am using the internet right next to my hostel and then Im going to hit the hay. I know...Im in Rome for 1 night and Im going to bed at 10. Booo.... Next time I come to Europe I am bringing some of my girls and I am going to take my damn time in a place. This trip has been fabulous, but there is always more to see. Since you never know what life will bring and whether or not I will be back to any of these places, I feel I need to hit the highlights. Heath is a whirlwind traveler too. Thank goodness though, otherwise I might not have seen anything:) I am more of a "see one big thing a day and then sit in a cafe or restaurant and meet people and relax" type of gal. Nothing wrong with that:) I read that you are supposed to travel like you will assume you will come back someday so you enjoy it while your there. I like that theory...

I am proud of myself however... Tonight I read a map and made it to both the Pantheon and Trevi fountain and back...yep, on my own. Its rather amazing since I dont read maps all that well (Im directionally challenged). Its a good thing Rome is super touristy so that I can usually just follow the stream of people...and there are alot of people that speak English which helps. Its amazing though...the Pantheon and Trevi fountain are these HUGE famous sites and they just pop up in the middle of a bunch of restaurants, stores, and homes. Its second you are hopelessly lost through the winding streets (they are very narrow and you cant see much beyond them) and then...BOOM...the Pantheon...this enormous building! Its insane... I couldnt go in the Pantheon because they were having some sort of mass but it was cool because the doors were open so I could peak inside and listen to the choir (it was a childrens that was cool. I think there may have been some VIPs at the mass because some very fancy cars spend up immediately after the service was over and whisked some people away. I didnt get a good look though:( Trevi fountain is beaUTIful! So many people... It is VERY hard to get a good picture next to these monuments when you are traveling by yourself. I asked 3 different sets of people to take my picture in front of the fountain and I still dont really like any of them:( Oh well...better luck next time:)

Night all. Im going to try do Vatican city tomorrow (St. Peters Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican museum) before I leave to go back to Naples. Im not feeling the best so wish me luck! Love you all! Arivaderci!

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