Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sooo...this may have to be a short entry. This is a European keyboard or something and all the letters are screwed up...Im hunting and pecking here. Another long day of travel...I will be extremely excited to settle in for a bit. Paris is insane. To get here today we had to take a waterbus, a regular bus, the airplane, a train, a subway and then found our hostel. Insane! After this trip i should be able to navigate anything! my favorite part of today was seeing a mugging in the subway...seriously. Super cool because it was like a movie...and it happened right in front of us! And because no one got hurt:) One guy came sprinting out of one tunnel, jumped the subway tracks, and ran into another tunnel. At the same time another dude came running out of the opposite tunnel towards the track while the guy whose wallet was stolen came running after the first guy! He yelled and then the second guy threw an empty wallet over the tracks almost right behind Heath and I! It happened so fast that everyone just stood there looking around! And the only people to witness it were like us and 6 other people...it was awesome! Like I said...only bc no one got hurt.

This hostel is much nicer than the other one so Im happy about that. We get our own bathroom...yay! Tomorrow is supposed to be crappy out so we are headed to a few museums. I will try to write more often since there are multiple compters here. Bon sour! (Good night)

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  1. steph's highlight of her trip "yeah, i saw this guy get mugged, IT WAS AWESOME!" ha- glad to hear ur having fun, try not to be the victim of any muggings