Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Night in Paris....

Tonight was super fun! It was so great that I had to write about it immediately so I wouldn't forget. We started out at St. Germaine Street...a popular spot apparently. It wasn't even that nice out and it was the brim. We ate at a sushi place...I know...weird but we were craving it. Note to self....NEVER try to order Japanese food in France! It was nearly impossible to communicate with ourJapanese/French waitress...thank God there were pictures of the food on the menu. We both managed to get food...and some sort of beverage (whether or not it was what we actually ordered:) and it was really good! Our next stop was at an Irish pub. We watched a bit of the football (soccer) game and listened briefly to the live music (a terrible singer who also played guitar). I then discovered the downstairs to the pub (while I was trying to find the restroom). The downstairs was teeny...about 10 chairs worth...but had a DJ:) Best discovery ever:) The dance floor was big enough for...well Heath and I and maybe 2 other people...but we got our groove on anyway...haha. Do French people dance? I don't know...there was music playing and they just sat around talking and looking it a faux pax to dance at a teeny tiny bar? I don't know...I didn't really care...

We then decided to head back towards our hostel to this place I had read about in the guidebook. It looks like a little shack on the outside...dark, with a cartoon rabbit painted on a shutter. Weird...I realize...but quirky and called "a favorite of the locals" by the guidebook. We went and it was probably the coolest place I have ever stepped foot into! Teeny, lit in red lighting, seating for maybe 50 people...maybe. It was so incredibly charming that I had a permasmile from the second I walked in. The doorman and Heath and I were the only people that spoke English in the entire place. It was a cabaret...there were a variety of performers. They sang, played piano and guitar and were funny...apparently (the French people were laughing anyway). Everyone was singing along and was great! I had no idea what they were saying or singing but it was cheeks still hurt from smiling so much. The last performer was a teeny lesbian woman (I'm just assuming from her butch haircut and male manorisms...she looked as if she was trying to emmulate an Italian man) with a huge, deep voice. It was fantastic...I didn't know whether to laugh because it was so humorous and over the top or cry because it was so beautiful. She was extremely serious and ended every song with a yell of some sort and a spin (she almost knocked over her stool twice:). It was great! I didn't take a picture because it didn't seem appropriate. It seemed as if we were intruding on the one thing still untouched by tourists in Paris...that's why it was so great! Loved it!

Now I'm headed to sleep in...I hope. I am praying for better weather in Barcelona! I'm getting sick of my cold-weather clothes:( Good night! Bon sour!


  1. sounds like a great day! very jealous!

  2. hey quality kid!!

    i miss you and love you! sounds like ur having a ton of fun and i'm just a smiggin jealous...tell heath hi from me and keep taking lots of pics :)


  3. Miss you Stiffy!! Can't wait for you to come home and share all of these wonderful stories with pictures....Talk soon. xo