Saturday, May 16, 2009


So Heath and I ventured into downtown Naples today....and it was very interesting. First of all, Italian drivers scare the shit out of me. Cars drive like 100 mph down the street, downtown too, I swear. Heath has aclimated well, so he drives just as fast, but is good at it, I must admit. There are a ton of scooters and they weave in and out of people like crazy and go in between 2 cars (between lanes) all the time. Scooters also carry entire families....seriously. They are only meant to hold 2 people but sometimes you'll see a mom, dad and a kid or 2 on there. I actually saw a baby...had to have been less than a year old between its mom and dad on the scooter seat. It couldn't even really sit on it's own yet, the mom was holding it up...I couldn't fricken believe it. Most of the time they don't have helmets. Heath said he saw a whole family riding on one once and the dad (the one driving) was the only one with a helmet on! Haha...insane! Anyway, we parked and walked around dowtown and just sort of got was great. Naples is beautiful...but dirty. It's on the coast and mountains are all around it. It is very charming, but the people don't really seem to respect the city. They throw their garbage everywhere and there is a lot of's too bad really. There were SOOO many people out today! And for once I felt like the only tourist in a sea of Italians, not a mixture of both locals and tourists. We saw some really great things while walking around. Like fresh seafood shops and this alleyway called "Christmas street". They apparently sell Christmas stuff all year round. It had nativity scenes that were built from scratch, ornaments, etc. They were beaUTIful! I will show you pictures...

Tonight we went back downtown to eat. We went to a restaurant along the water and we had some great food. Heath had seafood and I had pasta...again. I am really going to need to go carb free for awhile when I get home. It's just so GOOD though! I don't get how people in Europe aren't enormous! They eat carbs for EVERY meal! Pastries in the morning, pizza or a baguette or something for lunch, and pizza or pasta for dinner! It's great! The city was really pretty at night and the weather was gorgeous. It was very nice. Tomorrow we are going to drive along the Amalfi coastline. It should be neat...every picture I've ever seen of it is amazing. My last day in Europe! I can't believe it! Back to the real world soon:( Love you and miss you all...


  1. I want a nativity scene if you get back to Christmas street! Seriously....give me a price range and I will be thrilled with whatever you can take back, I'll even buy you another suitcase if you need to pack all your extras! Hopefully the airlines don't charge you per bag like our last trip.....darn airlines!

    Love ya Rachel

  2. You would LOVE them Rachel...they are sooo beautiful! I can't wait to show you pictures. Heath told me that they told him that because they are made of actual plants (wood, leaves, etc) that you are not allowed to bring them back into the states. He said he asked all about it because he really wanted one too. I'm sorry!:( Otherwise I absolutely would figure out a way to make it happen...they are gorgeous.