Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Santorini...one of the best experiences of my life

Tomorrow we are leaving and it will be very sad. Brandon and I have had such an amazing time here...it will be hard to top it. We rented a scooter yesterday and it was great. It was such a fun way to see the island. I think I got to see alot more than Brandon did though...driving and traffic are tenuous...he really had to pay attention. So I think I got a little more out of it than he did. We then went on our sailing adventure. Much to our surprise the boat was full. There were about 10 of us plus 3 crew members. It was fun that way though...we met a great couple from San Francisco that were there on their honeymoon. The crew was fabulous! Our captain was the same one as on tv! Captain Ted...he was hilarious. Damn good cook too! They let us swim in the hot springs...yep we swam (it was freezing!) but it was an adventure. Then they parked the boat in a bay and cooked us dinner. It was quite the spread! Ted grilled fresh calamari right there on the boat! We then sailed around some more. It was really fantastic..utterly unforgetable. We then sat outside our hotel room on the veranda with a nightcap and called it an early night.

This morning we took our scooter to a wine museum. It was interesting. It is still a family owned winery so we got to do a tasting afterward. It was really good stuff..I'm actually drinking some right now:). We then walked all the way down to the ocean edge (it tool about 20 minutes on a winding pathway) and tool a cable car back up. Alot of people were riding donkeys...which looked fun and all, but I just felt so bad for them. Beasts of burden...walling up and down those damn steps all day long:(. We got pictures though:). We actually ran into captain Ted on the way back to our hotel (the own a sushi restaurant by our hotel). He caught a huge bluefin tuna that his sushi chef was cutting up, right there so we watched awhile and chatted. We are going to head there later for some fresh sushi.

We are headed to mykonos tomorrow by ferry...we think. The ferry was cancelled today because of strong winds so who knows. Nobody but us seems too worried about it...they are islanders...nothing gets them too worked up:). I will let you know what happens. Happy birthday Sis! 21! Have a great birthday! I got you some greek wine since your legal now:)

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