Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kali mera!

This means "good morning" in Greek. See...I'm learning a few things while I'm here:) Its actually afternoon. We are moving a little slow today. We took a nap after our city walk yesterday to try get over our jet lag. We then went to the rooftop bar to catch a drink for happy hour and watch the sun set over the Acropolis. Well we ended up meeting some great people and stayed most of the night. We met some guys from Australia that just started their 3 month tour of Europe. We also met 2 girls from...Michigan and Wisconsin! Crazy huh! One was teaching in Paris for a year and the other was traveling by herself for 3 months (she is very brave!). Well, we hadn't exactly eaten yet and the beer and jet lag hit us a little harder than we would have thought, so it was a rather early night for us last night.

Right now we are trying to get the motivation for a long day of sight seeing. I think we are going to do the Acropolis and Ancient Agora tour. Some of the oldest ruins around (450 BC or so). It should be interesting! Hopefully we will actually make it out to dinner tonight as well, instead of crashing and heading to bed early. We haven't acclimated to the Greek's schedule yet. They eat lunch around 2 and dinner around 10 pm. We are trying to do that as well to get the whole experience (it not as much fun to eat alone:). I will write again soon. Take care!

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